We are exposed to numerous toxins on a daily basis from herbicides and pesticides on the food we eat, to pollution and radiation of devices we are surrounded by, it is endless. What is the best solution to rid these toxins from our bodies and enhance our energy and immunity you may ask? We know from choosing a diet of high nutrient dense foundational plant based foods help boost our immune system and aid us in eliminating these harmful toxins is vital but which ones should we consider taking,
Well here is some of our favorites:


1. Spirulina

Is a blue green algae which offers tremendous benefits, it is grown in its most pure form in Hawaii and is one of the top superfoods as it is 95% digestible. Loaded with chlorophyll, vitamin K, B vitamins, minerals calcium, magnesium and zinc and is one of the highest sources of protein. A powerful antioxidant medically proven to detoxify your body of heavy metals and protects your body against radiation, boosts your energy and lowers cholesterol. It contains essential fatty acids which is excellent for treating joint inflammation and arthritis.


2. Chlorella
Is the cousin to Spirulina, it is a true single cell green algae and both get their green pigment from chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants. Chlorella is the highest source of chlorophyll on the planet. Chlorella is 60% protein and contains all the essential amino acids and a natural source of vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Iron. It aids cellular growth and repair and detoxifies the liver and blood and due to its high 20% fiber it binds itself to heavy metals, toxins and pesticides and pulls them out of the body to be eliminated.

3. Ashwagandha
 One of the top 3 Ayurvedic medicinal Herbs used in India. Often referred to as an Adaptogen due to its extraordinary ability to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and overwhelm, it supports your hormones and brings your body back into balance. It is great for athletes as it increases stamina and endurance and promotes recovery. Also an anti ageing herb it enhances hair, skin and nails and most importantly brain health.



4. Moringa
Grown in Malaysia, Africa, Sri Lanka, India and it is called the miracle plant, loaded with Magnesium, beta carotene, vitamin A, Vitamin C, 25 times more Iron than spinach, also contains calcium and potassium it is renowned for nourishing skin cells and reverses the aging process.



5. Broccoli Sprouts
Are the highest source of sulforaphane; a compound found in the sprouts and offers powerful detoxification, anti cancer effects and assists in anti ageing and is proven to improve brain function. Easy to grow at home in glass jars and when you freeze them they retain their freshness and it is said to double the content of sulforaphane so you can later add them to smoothies and salads according to Doctor
Rhonda Patrick listen in here to her incredible talk on youtube. These high protein sprouts also have a profound effect on inflammation.


6. Beetroot

Is one of the best vegetables you can eat, with their detoxification and anti - inflammatory properties they help to lower blood pressure and are high in antioxidants. Consuming beetroot juice has been found by the Journal of Sports medicine to enhance exercise performance due to its ability to produce nitric oxide which increases blood flow which means we need less oxygen to produce the same amount of energy. They found in their study that recreational athletes consuming beetroot juice or powder before a workout reduces the oxygen cost by 19% on moderate activity and extends workouts by 17% which is pretty amazing. Study found here

Written by Gaye Gerard




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