meet gaye gerard

GG combines her Photography career, media experience, travel writing and story

telling skills with her love ​of wellness and vegan food to bring this site PURE to life.

While on assignment travelling to some of the world's best Health Hotels &
Retreats over the last 10 years, to review their wellness programs
she learned
about the healing power of raw food, juicing and fasting. 
Soon after she began living on a raw food diet which lead to her own personal
health transformation alleviating long standing digestive issues and food allergies. 

During a detox retreat in Thailand she was introduced to Yoga and Meditation
practices which boosted her health to the next level. She found a new sense of
balance, clarity, inner peace and fulfillment unlike anything she had ever
experienced and her creativity soared.


This sparked a whole new mission and purpose to learn everything she could
about using food to heal the body and mind and elevate health naturally
 and the correlation between what we eat and how it impacts our minds. 

Having spent extensive time interviewing Raw vegan chefs, holistic practitioners,
yoga and meditation teachers on her travels and fueled by her new passion in
Plant based food this inspired her to become a certified raw vegan chef through
Plant Lab Culinary Academy in California.


Creating delicious, vibrant and nutritious plant based recipes is one of her passions
and sharing this creativity and knowledge in a supportive community to help 
empower, inspire, entertain and educate others on their health journey is her mission.


I hope you enjoy our Plant Based Recipes, news and articles so you can choose the
perfect destination for your next wellness vacation or adventure and find a source of
inspiration in our Interviews and stories.

Through our community, collaborations and conversations we will be creating an

uplifting space that allows you to feel nourished, be empowered and learn new tools. 




Welcome to pure. 

Your guide for mindful eating, living well,

and travelling well on a Plant based lifestyle.

Be inspired to travel to new destinations,
Hotels, Spas & Health Retreats to discover 
Wellness, Yoga, Active & Culinary Experiences. 

Featuring healthy + delicious vegan recipes,
Entertaining and empowering stories & ​interviews. 
 Vegan friendly restaurant reviews, news and more.


 Explore & Get Inspired!

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