Located in lush beautiful gardens is one of Sydney's newest Luxury, Farm to Table Restaurants, with on-site Spa and produce
garden where fresh ingredients are picked daily serving up healthy cuisine to tantalize your senses.

Location:  Vaucluse, an upscale suburb in the East, an approximate 15-minute drive from the city.

Dining + Cuisine:  Head Chef Perry Hill serves fresh, Farm to table style, locally sourced healthy cuisine, in a casual dining setting, complimented by an excellent selection of cocktails and their famous house made gin. Inspired by their farm south of Sydney in Jamberoo celebrating fresh seasonal organic produce.

What's on the Menu:
A conversation with
Executive Chef - Perry Hill: 

“I would call the food we serve at The Botanica Vaucluse, contemporary, produce driven. We heavily rely on our permaculture farm for inspiration and respond to the changing seasons when creating dishes.

Here is a delightful selection of Plant based dishes available at Botanica;

Eggplant & Zucchini Caponata, Russian Kale,

Chickpeas & Toasted Pine Nuts  -  Vegan

Image by Gaye Gerard

Avocado & Zucchini Salad,

Golden Beetroot, Cherry Tomato Confit,  Mojo Verde  - Vegan

Image by Gaye Gerard

What inspired you to open this restaurant, how did you get here?
Chef Perry Hill:
When the owners Mark and Evette Moran and I came together we realised we had a shared passion for unfussy healthy cooking and food that comes from the heart. We use organic produce where we can and respond to the challenges of showcasing the wonderful produce for our farm.

What is your most cherished childhood memory around food and favourite dish growing up?
Chef Perry Hill:
When I was a child our family had a food stall at the channon markets near Nimbin on the northern rivers of new south wales, we served Bhajias (GF and Vegan) and chai tea, it was the 70s, life was pretty carefree back then.

How did you come up with the name of the Restaurant?

Chef Perry Hill
The restaurant was named by Mark and Evette the owners

When you are not working where are you and what are you doing?
Chef Perry Hill:
I’d love to say that when I am not at the restaurant I am either doing yoga on the beach or surfing tropical waves outside my beach hut, (maybe in time) but honestly restaurants tend to take up a huge amount of a chefs life, but I do love to get out in my garden when I get the chance.

Images by Gaye Gerard

Design + Sustainability: Landscape designer Charlie Albone created this beautiful garden ambiance and brought nature indoors to create this fragrant botanical experience in the restaurant and the Spa. The scent of lemongrass perfumes the air and you can experience revitalizing beauty and wellness treatments.


The Space:
A personal quote on the design from the owner: 

‘I am a visually motivated  person that wants to be surrounded by nature and beauty, Evette Moran

What was important to you when designing the space and how did you want diners to feel?
It was important for me when designing the space for everyone to have a sensory experience of depth and serenity.

Evette Moran

What do you want diners to experience in every bite?
I want my diners to feel they are in the middle of a lush oasis. They only have to look outside the window to see masses of blueberry bushes and lemon trees laden with fruit. Evette Moran


Images by Gaye Gerard

Why Go:

Once you enter the doors of The Botanica Restaurant a feeling of joy washes over you. Its bright airy design, with an abundance of natural light, soft plush pink chairs elegantly paired with what can only be described as a garden oasis. Luscious green plants flow delicately from the ceiling lights and hang from pots harmoniously scattered around the restaurant that creates a sense of sheer joy, while the Chef serves up the freshest of food.

Come in the afternoon for when the golden sun pours through the restaurant and try the Jamberoo Valley Farm Eggplant & Zucchini Caponata, Russian Kale, Chickpeas & Toasted Pine Nuts which is as pretty as a picture with lavender hued flowers and indulge in a Pink Martini. Or opt for the refreshing Avocado & Zucchini Salad, Golden Beetroot, Cherry Tomato Confit, Mojo Verde, artfully plated that will remind you of the colours of autumn.The food here is so flavourful, sophisticated and refined you will surely be impressed and experience what it truly means to eat well, this restaurant takes casual dining to the next level and no doubt you will come back for more.

Image by Gaye Gerard

The Details

Botanica is located 2 Laguna St, Vaucluse NSW 2030

Phone: (02) 9191 8989

Written by Gaye Gerard



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