Zucchini Avocado Tartare

Summer Salads, Zucchini and Avocado Tartare, perfect for entertaining, light and refreshing.


Botanica Vaucluse is an urban oasis 

farm to table restaurant in Sydney

A lush fragrant oasis nestled into the heart of the Eastern Suburbs. An experience for the senses,  inspired by their farm 2 hours south of Sydney, with locally grown sustainable wholesome and seasonal produce and ingredients, the perfect place to feed the soul, inside out.


Avocado Thai Basil Gazpacho
Hemp Flax Cracker
+ Coriander Pesto

Fresh aromatic Avocado Thai basil and coconut Gazpacho with almond, hemp, flax seed and dill cracker, topped with garden fresh herbs and
coriander pesto, an elegant entree for entertaining


6 Superfoods to Detoxify and Boost Immunity

We are exposed to numerous toxins on a daily basis from herbicides and pesticides on the food we eat, to pollution and radiation of devices we are surrounded by, it is endless. What is the best solution to rid these toxins from our bodies and enhance our energy and immunity you may ask, read on


Avocado Radish Pepita Salad

Light and fresh Avocado summer salad with radish, sprouts, candied pepitas and spicy tahini dressing. Add fresh dill and lemon balm

micro herbs 

Your Daily Green Juice Remedy 

Eliminate toxins with this refreshing green juice loaded with ginger, celery, lemon green apple & spinach

Apple, Fig and candied
Walnut Salad

This super simple fresh crunchy Apple, Fig and candied Walnut salad tossed in sweet maple syrup and balsamic vinegar is a crowd pleaser and great for a sizzling summers day


Kale, Orange and Mint Salad

A delicious and nutrient packed fresh salad, perfect for post gym workouts with sweet orange,
fresh mint and spicy ginger almond dressing.

Immunity Boost Juice

Get your daily dose of Vitamins with this immunity boosting Juice tonic. Full of Carrots & Ginger one of natures best anti inflammatory and flu fighting ingredients, to keep you healthy and protect you against the flu and other viruses.

Raw Vegan Banana Pancakes

Indulge in these delicious and healthy raw vegan banana pancakes.  Perfect for brunch or entertaining.



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