This inspiring Retreat is an opportunity to boost your Health and Fitness through a multitude of activities, connect with other retreat guests on a heart level, gather around a community table and enjoy the most nourishing and delicious plant based meals you will ever taste. It's the perfect setting for fitness enthusiasts, solo travelers or couples.

Phuket Cleanse is situated on the Southern tip of Phuket in Rawai Village, a 90 minute drive from the airport and a 10 minute car ride from the astonishing beauty of Naiharn Beach, where the shimmering seascapes and spellbinding sunsets offer hypnotic views.

Destination: Guests can walk a short distance to the main street of Rawai and explore the shopping and cafes, take a cultural trip to Big Buddha or visit the scenic Promthep Cape, known for its beautiful views over the Andaman Sea.


Phuket Cleanse offers a good mix of accommodation options across 7 villas, all within close proximity to the main villa, dining area and reception lounge. Ranging from Traditional Thai inspired rooms most with balconies to stylish superior rooms nestled amidst a tropical garden setting with a patio. For those seeking a more lavish stay, the Whitehouse suites where you have the feeling of a spacious luxury and modern contemporary home with private pool, kitchen, jacuzzi in the bathroom and walk-in closets are a little more sleek and sophisticated.

Throughout the accommodations each of the villas are exceptionally clean, featuring king sized or twin beds, air conditioning for comfort, organic products and deluxe rain showers. The interior designs are furnished in soft neutral tones, blended with splashes of bright contemporary art on the walls introducing local artisans and offer all the comforts you need to feel at home, in a serene ambiance after a full day of activities and working up a sweat during the fitness classes.

























Dining + Cuisine: 
The culinary team offers 3 creative seasonal buffets a day, largely plant based, catering for vegans, paleo and keto diets with some seafood options. Each meal is a colourful array of local Thai flavours combined with International cuisine. The menu consists of fresh juices carefully crafted by the owner Mel for those on a detox or training program. Complemented by gluten free or paleo breads, innovative vegetable crackers, salads, curries and other aromatic dishes that tantalize the taste buds, all delivered in an upbeat setting that encourages community and uplifting conversation. The team is devoted to serving new, innovative and fresh plant based cuisine to inspire guests and support them on their journey to increasing overall health and fitness.

Green Glow; an invigorating blend of kale, mint, wheatgrass, ginger, coconut water, lime and basil, was one of my favourites.
The Chefs take inspiration from local seasonal ingredients and work their magic turning them into gourmet offerings like the Morroccan Pumpkin and Garlic cream cheese pizza with a unique almond and eggplant base and topped with fresh herbs.
If that wasn't enough to get you excited, take delight in the Mexican spiced Tomato Enchilada Wraps with creamy kale and coconut filling, served with fresh Mango, Lime Salsa and rich herby Tomato Sauce on an ever changing menu.
The desserts could be anything from Raw Vegan Chocolate Cake to enticingly irresistible smooth Maca Panna Cotta which will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.





























Phuket Cleanse is an all inclusive Detox, Fitness, Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat with a myriad of activities including:
Muay Thai, HIIT, Strength Training, Bikram Yoga, Aerial or Hatha Yoga and Swim classes you will never get bored. Adventure seekers can hike 4km uphill at sunrise to Big Buddha and Nature lovers can marvel at the brilliant colours of Sunset at Nai Harn Beach while engaging in stand-up paddle boarding. Those seeking a more relaxed experience or on a detox holiday can enjoy a Cooking class with Hope; the Retreats culinary baking connoisseur or simply chill out on the sun lounges by the pool in the main villa. Massage therapies can be arranged in-suite and holistic treatments or face masks can be enjoyed in one of the spa rooms.
Soul soothing Meditation classes, Infrared Sauna sessions, Light Therapy treatments, Nutrition talks and Ice Bath sessions complete this very special experience all in one place. 



Wellness: The Retreats owners Mel and Stanton bring years of combined wisdom, wellness experience, backed by culinary nutrition education and a deep passion for helping others, together with an international team of impressive Fitness Instructors and Coaches who bend over backwards to support and encourage as you fulfill your personal health goals while having fun in the process.
Soon after you arrive you will be met by a wellness practitioner to tailor a program that's right for you. It's an opportunity to refocus and recommit to your health every day, be educated in a variety of talks and walk away with new tools to assist you in personal growth and transformation. The Retreat offers a variety of programs including: Detox, Yoga & Mindfulness, Longevity and Anti Ageing, Fitness, Overcoming Healing Health Challenges and an Emotional Detox program.




Design + Sustainability:
Tucked away in a quiet street surrounded by lush tropical fauna the Retreat is perfectly situated from Naiharn beach to the Raw Fitness Gym, Hot Yoga Studio and the local shopping of Rawai Village. The Retreat is spread out across a collection of Seven Villas each with their own style and 2 with private pools to offer tranquility, seclusion, comfort and modern architecture with options to suit all budgets. It’s an all encompassing fitness retreat offering everything you could need and has been a popular wellness destination with health seekers since it opened and it's easy to see why.


Personal Space:  
I was fortunate to stay in one of the five Elements superior rooms which featured a comfortable king size bed, sitting area, spacious bathroom and outdoor patio surrounded by a serene garden. The room had organic products, a hair dryer, laundry bag, plush linens and local Thai decor.

Why go:

 If rediscovering a sense of self, improving your fitness and making new connections in a supportive, uplifting and friendly environment are priorities then look no further than Phuket Cleanse Retreat.
It's not just a retreat, it delivers an authentic experience, there's a good reason why it attracts guests ranging from billionaires, to students and housewives and everyone in between who love coming back. Stanton the owner greets all the guests every morning with such enthusiasm, light-hearted humor, a huge smile and genuinely cares how all of the guests are doing on their programs, he has a special way of making you feel right at home. Together with his wife and co-owner Mel who trained to be a Raw Vegan Chef, filled with an abundance of passion for health and nutrition, who loves to share her vast knowledge to help you overcome any health challenges and she takes extra time creating personalized recipes so you can get the most out of your experience.

I went on retreat looking for a chance to revitalize, reduce stress, revamp my fitness and have time away from work to reconnect with myself. I experienced the heart warming sense of community that is the essence of Phuket Cleanse and met the most wonderful like minded, positive people who value the importance of health, live from their hearts with a vision of helping others live their best lives and like so many other guests, I can’t wait to return. 



















We Love: 

  • The daily bikram or aerial yoga sessions 

  • Evening meals at the beautifully decorated community table in the garden, beneath the fairy lights and frangipani trees offer a superb fusion of heart warming conversation with vibrant nourishing cuisine.

  • The large steam room, sauna and ice bath amidst the tropical palms.

  • Educational talks every day on different health and fitness topics from Protein 101 to Cooking classes, Breath work and Mindfulness. 


Insider Tips:   

  • Enjoy a reflexology treatment on the spa balcony room at sunset 

  • Join in the fun as you hike 4km to Big Buddha at dawn and see the elephants.

  • Experience the Intuition mediation session with Mel the owner.


On Location Highlights:
Waking up in this tropical setting feeling a sense of inner peace, I head down to the lounge area for a hot tea to start my day. Slowly the other guests stroll in one by one checking the white board for the day's activities. Some of my fellow retreat goers are signed up for the intensive Muay Thai class and a group of us are off to Bikram Yoga, done in a 40 degree heated room. There's no shortage of motivation here, it's an incredible feeling to be a part of such a positive group all focused on getting fitter together without the feeling of competition or comparisons sometimes felt in urban gyms. 

I am excited to do the bikram yoga class today, I love the heat and the challenge it presents. Our Yoga teacher Fyona is standing next to me in the second row. I feel more confident after participating in her  Bikram 101 class yesterday, she broke down the fundamentals of the postures in such a clear way. Standing head to knee pose is next as I slowly bend forward, raising my leg and on cue from the teacher my head touches my knee with greater ease not an ounce of shaking, I hold my space until the posture is complete.
I feel an expanded sense of self awareness, embrace the sweat dripping from my forehead and the realization that Yoga is a form of nurturing myself, as I sink more deeply into the present moment and allow my thoughts to shift to the background. Lying in Svanasana the last pose for the class, feeling a sense of invigoration, balance and satisfaction, it seems the Bikram instruction class with Fyona made all the difference to my practice.

Walking into the dining area for lunch, greeted by Anya with her warm smile and soft South African accent who is always quick to say hello. Within moments of arriving she hands me a fresh herbal shot of wheatgrass and a large green juice, before I headed to the spa.
From the spa menu, I chose the Aroma massage with Pan, one of the therapists who delivered an incredibly relaxing experience with restorative massage techniques. She used a blend of thai herbs, lemongrass and coconut oil to eliminate toxins, invigorate and renew my muscles, it was pure delight. Following this, I spent an hour at the steam room and sauna with short dips into the ice bath, where 1 minute in the water feels like 1 hour, the intensity of the extreme cold temperature shocks the body into what I can only refer to as a wake up you are alive kind of moment, the benefits which are reported to be extraordinary. 

An ancient practice of five senses meditation is on at the White House Villa in the evening  where the staff decorate the lounge room with mats, comfortable cushions and candles to evoke a warm inviting space. Singing bowls are played in harmony with other instruments to create soothing tones and an energising vibration, producing different frequencies to calm the mind, body, spirit. The spa therapists gently applied essential oils on our forehead for a brief massage, intended to help you drift into a deeper state of stillness and relaxation.
Light as a feather, I blissfully floated back to my room. What an extraordinary heart opening experience of the senses, this level of care, kindness and service from the beautiful team at Phuket Cleanse is truly one of a kind, I leave feeling grateful, inspired and completely restored.

The Details: 

Main Villa

49/105 Moo 1, Soi Nanachat

Amphur Muang

Tambon Rawai

Phuket, Thailand 83130.


Stanton: +66-8-2424-4976

Mel: +1 (727) 219-8023

Getting There: 

From Sydney, Australia fly direct to Bangkok International Airport then board Bangkok Airways for a short flight of only 1hr 25minutes  directly to Phuket.
Bangkok Airways offers excellent service, a comfortable flying experience and good luggage allowance for anyone travelling for business or pleasure. They offer an extensive diet and meal selection catering for vegetarians, which you can pre-book before flying.

For more details:


Written by Gaye Gerard 


Image by: Gaye Gerard

Image by: Gaye Gerard

Image by: Gaye Gerard

Images: Supplied 

Image by: Gaye Gerard



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